the urban residence

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A home when you need one.

That tagline might come off a bit cheesy – we’re well aware – but we do really want you to feel at home at ROXI. It’s a place where all roads cross: work, travel, studying, culture, friends, good food, coffee … We’re even taking care of your CrossFit addiction.

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So whether you’re staying a couple days or a couple of months, we’ll make sure you’ll have everything you need. Just like you would when you’re at home.

ROXI’s not a hotel per se, although you can easily just spend the night here. Please do. But even more so, ROXI’s a place for people with an unshakable drive. In life and everything that comes with it. And so, we’re softening up the boundaries with a space designed to live, work, study, play and sip loads of coffee. Framily vibe included.

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“Current housing situations are rapidly evolving towards more hybrid and flexible ways of living. ROXI embodies our vision on how a modern-day accommodation should look like and which needs it should meet.”

Christian Teunissen, CEO Xior

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ROXI was founded by Xior, a Belgian company that’s been building student accommodations since 2007. Their aim is to create the ideal place for students to study and live, without having to worry about housing.