Home of chocolate and sprouts. Can’t say no to that, now can you? ROXI Brussels is your hub away from home located in the middle of everywhere. Meaning: you’ll be in the city centre, the airport or your campus in no time.

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“I keep thinking I’m going to run into my mom. It’s that familiar.”

Elif, Turkey


ROXI is located just outside the city centre of Brussels, near the Vinci college campus and Saint-Luc university hospital. A buzzing neighbourhood known for local and international business. Shopping spots and restaurants are just around the corner, but so is your Deliveroo guy if you’re feeling a bit lazy. 

Care for a walk in the park? Step outside, cross the street and look for Hof ter Mussche’s traditional mill in the midst of all that greenery. Into culture? Brussels is a must, obviously. But don’t underestimate Zaventem and Woluwe Saint-Lambert. Malou Castle is the perfect hideaway if you’d like to escape a city that lives at 300 km/h. Head over to recently refurbished Stockel movie theatre for a black and white classic if you’re in a nostalgic mood.

For all things recent and underground, ask your daily tip at the front desk or check our ad valvas wall. Yes, we still use an ad valvas wall. Don’t judge.

all studios include:

  • A seating area, dining space and separate bathroom.
  • Grooming products.
  • A fully equipped kitchen. Combi-oven, refrigerator, 2-pit stove, extractor, water cooker and toaster included.
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Settle in.
Get comfy.

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Hotel Features

A front desk.
Come say hi when you arrive.

Our concierge is just a call away. 24/7.

Laundry room, study area and relaxation space … Yes, all here.

Gym included. Overexcited personal coach not included.

Hungry? We have the organic restaurant Myro at the entrance and next to that there’s also the delicious Mexican take-away Ancho

Wi-fi on the house.

There’s a place to park your bike.

Four wheels? There’s a paid parking lot as well.

If all the above fails, hit the vending machines for your midnight munchies.

transport hotspots

  • Metro. Line A – station Alma is an 8-minute walk away.

  • Bus. Take STIB line 42 or 79 and get out at Hof ter Musschen.

  • Taxi. Order one at the front desk.

  • Plane. Fly in via Brussels Zaventem Airport.

entertainment hotspots

  • Woluwe Shopping Center

  • Sports Center Mounier

  • Cinema Le Stockel

culinairy hotspots

  • Al Piccolo.

  • Verre Y Table.

  • Maxime Colin.

Roxi Brussels

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Call us at +32 (0)2 669 29 70